Student Opportunities

Motivated individuals interested in exploring invertebrate evolution are encouraged to apply to the lab for student opportunities. The Biological Sciences Department at Auburn University offers both Masters and Doctorate degrees. The lab focuses on using a molecular systematics approach to explore the evolutionary history of marine invertebrates. For student projects, both molecular and organismal aspects will be emphasized.

In particular, the lab is currently looking for students interested:

  1. Annelid phylogeny
  2. Siboglid symbiosis
  3. Bioinformatics and Phylogenomics

Please see the "Projects" page for more information on these. The lab explores a number of other marine invertebrate issues, and those generally interested should apply.

Please look at the lab's publications and contact Ken Halanych before applying.

Links to relevant information are at the bottom of this page.

Phone 334-844-3222   Fax 334-844-2333
Lab Phone 334-844-3223   E-mail Ken@auburn


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